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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Philippine drama Captain Barbell superhero in a Barbie dolls dress

This weird and wonderful Captain Barbie doll childrens drama is rocking the Philippine Islands with more supernatural strength than a cat 8 hurricanes wind and when I say wind the show is full of it.

I can see that the Philippine production TV Company is spearing no expense with this one!
It is my guess that they are employing the latest digital technologies, perhaps something like Macromedia flash 3 to do the totally amazing special effects.
Kids TV Philippine drama Captain Barbell superhero in a Barbie dolls dress flying across our screens
All the local kids were I live, keep shouting Captain Barbell the superhero and I say don't you mean Captain Barbie the super-scooper fairy-hero.

Anyway back to the yellow and black buzzing bee look-a-like superhero flying across our screens, I think that the super-hero actors costume design dress are defiantly inspired from the 1970's glam rock stars, very Gary Glitter and Slade looking, but not quit brining the house down.

Specking of brining the house down, I love the way that they draw the TOTALLY REALISTIC FLAMS on the high rise buildings and another thing, how did they hide the marionette puppet strings on then high-tech robot monsters, true enchantment for one & all!

The scoundrel pink flamingo bar looking performance of the leather clad Captain Barbell villains in this kids-drama is really breath taking, especially if you are having an assumer attack.

On a more positive note there are some extremely nice Barbie doll lady actors in the kids TV show, well worth a lovely holiday vacation in the magical land of V.I.P rooms.

Now party people to some up my Philippine drama program Captain Barbell superhero in a Barbie dolls dress review, I do like this show because it gives me about 20 minutes of peace and quiet from all the miniature monster that live close to me, but it dose remind me of a family friendly vision of the flesh Gordon 1974 old movie.


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